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February 08 2022

10 Tips For Changing Locks On Your New Home

Are you one of the homeowners who feel reluctant to change their locks when they move into a new house? Usually, some homeowners are lost in the euphoria of investing and parking into a new home. They forget to reevaluate their security!

Lock changing or rekeying should be a vital step that must not be neglected when you move into a new home. This is because burglars have advanced and perfected new techniques for breaking into homes and business premises. More so, you have no idea of the personality or lifestyle of the previous tenant. Copies of your keys may be with some of his friends and family members.

Therefore, here are tips that will help you fortify the security of your new home against an impending attack.

Lock Replacement and Rekeying

Both methods are for strengthening the security of a building. Lock replacement involves removing the old locks and installing a new set of locks.


Lock rekeying is the process of realigning the internal components like the pins, springs, and tumbler. It allows only a new set of keys to access the lock.

Buying Locks

As a new homeowner that wants lock replacement, you have to understand the type of lock and model that will match your door. Also, you must tell the difference between quality and substandard locks.


We recommend you have a budget before embarking on lock replacement. Considering the cost of home acquisition and other expenses incurred while moving into the new house, you need an affordable option. If you are working on a budget, it is better to rekey all the locks than invest in new ones.

New Keys

You will get a new set of keys after lock change or rekeying. However, how you handle the keys will influence the security of your home. Both packages (rekeying and lock change) comes with a new set of spare keys. This is the time to be extraordinarily careful about who has access to your keys.

High-Security Locks

It is good to invest in high-security locks. However, it is more expensive when compared with home depot locks. In most cases, high-security locks are only needed at high crime rate locations. Do an independent search about the security situation of the area. If it is not high, you should rekey your locks.

Installation of Locks

As a new homeowner who prefers to replace the old locks with improved ones, you have to ensure that the locksmith did a proper job. Sometimes, inexperienced locksmiths fail to tighten the screws while reinstalling the locks. The locks will not function properly if all the components are not intact.

Upgrading Doors

Though we are laying much emphasis on the locks, new homeowners should evaluate the condition of their doors. If you install a new lock on a weak door, It will be a waste of time and resources. Most of the doors are made of wood and/or metal. Try to check for sturdy cores of all external doors and call experts for repair or replacement.

Ensure that the Spare Keys are Safe 

Some people care less about the spare keys until they are locked out of their homes. You have to be cautious about your spare keys. Do not put it under the mat, behind the flower pot, or on top of the window frame. Burglars can easily find your spare keys in those locations.

Upgrade to Smart Locks

If you want to avoid lockouts or carrying a bunch of keys, then upgrade to smart locks. Apart from the convenience of closing your doors remotely, you will derive other benefits like enhanced security.

Apply most of the tips in this article and enjoy the improved security of your new home. If you need an experienced locksmith for lock replacement and other services, do not hesitate to call Locks Pros.