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February 01 2022

6 Places You Should Never Hide Your House Keys

Sometimes, a household may use a particular key to access their home. This may be as a result of the loss or absence of a spare key. They try as much as possible to hide the key from strangers but ensure the keys are not difficult to find by other family members.

Other trusted persons like the babysitter, maid, cleaner, or technician may also have the information about the location of the keys. This common practice can go on as long as there is no security breach.

Unfortunately, burglars are aware of the common places homeowners hide their keys. They can locate your keys and access your home to steal your most valuable properties. To help you maintain your security and keep the criminals at bay, here are six places you should not hide your home keys.

Under the Doormats

The doormat is obvious and popular spot homeowners drop their keys. Opportunistic criminals will first check the doormat for the keys before considering other options. Keeping your keys under the doormat is like giving burglars a free invitation to your home. Anyone that wants to gain access to your home could lift the doormat to check for the keys.

Residents tend to leave keys for their family members or friends at the doormat during the holidays. If your neighbors indulge in this practice, please do not do it. It is a cliché and you must stop it.

Under a Flower Pot Near the Front Door

Once the burglar knows that there is no one in the house, he searches the doormat and beneath flower pots for the keys. Statistics have it that 34% of burglars use the front door and they will do anything to gain access to your home. So placing your key under a flower pot near the front door is a convenient location for you. However, it makes the process easy for burglars.

Beneath a Rock

Just like hiding beneath the flower pot, putting your keys under a false rock is another unholy invitation to burglars. If you continue doing this, chances are you will become the victim of a burglary attack soon!

Top of the Doorway

Homeowners that keep their keys at the top of the doorway think they are smart – but sometimes, the criminals are smarter! If you are interested in securing your valuables, do not consider leaving your spare on top of the front door frame. It will take a criminal less than thirty seconds to find your keys!

Inside Your Wallet

Though the reason for keeping your keys in the wallet is for quicker access, we also discourage this option. In the event you lost your wallet, the criminal might also have access to your personal information and home. Most people have their home address on their wallets, so the pickpocket that can steal that wallet may decide to take the crime to the next level.

The Mailbox

Since the mailbox is away from the door, homeowners think it is safer to keep their spare key there. But most burglars know that some homeowners prefer to keep their keys at the mailbox and they will also check them out.

How to Avoid Needing a Spare Key

It is stressful figuring out where to keep your spare key to avoid giving a criminal an undue advantage to your home. We recommend you install a smart lock. With a smart lock, you can unlock your doors remotely as well as give temporary access to babysitters, technicians, friends, and family.

Call an experienced locksmith from Locks Pros to install your smart lock. Our services are fast and affordable.