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March 19 2021

Benefits of Home Door Alarms 

Door alarms prevent uninvited guests from having access to your apartment. It also alerts you when someone tries to open the door. Usually, door alarms are wireless boxes attached to major access doors to your home. If anyone tries to gain forceful entry through any of the alarmed doors, the motion sensor will trigger a security alarm. 

The latest models can be connected to Wi-Fi and they function with a corresponding app on your device. Moreover, you can control the security system of your home remotely and you will get notified whenever the alarms are triggered. 

If you are considering installing a door alarm, or you have a problem with the one installed in your house, then, you’ve found the solution! Call the professional locksmiths at Locks Pros and consider all the issues resolved. At Locks Pros, we provide the right service at an affordable price for both old and new customers.

Below are some advantages of having door alarms installed in your home. 

Door Alarm and Camera help to Restrict Intruders 
There are lots of options that can strengthen your home's security. This includes having a doorbell camera installed with the alarm system. 

A smart door alarm with a camera will enable you to view and monitor every visitor with your smartphone. You can opt for an added feature to check and control your home's lighting and alarms while away. 

Prevention of Criminal Activities
By installing door alarms, crime can be prevented and avoided as well. Once the door alarm is triggered, it makes a loud noise capable of discomforting the burglar and causing panic which can draw the attention of passersby. With this, breaking in becomes difficult and your home is secured. 

Protection of Valuable Assets
Most times, we think of the valuable assets in our homes and as such, it plays a big role in our security consciousness. 

Usually, burglary results in the loss of valuables, jewelry, and money. More painful if it's a priceless item passed down from a generation to another. With a door alarm, this can be prevented. Criminals will be sent on panic mode at the triggering of the alarm system. The system is also configured to notify the homeowner and the authorities. 

Check On Loved Ones
Another advantage of having door alarms is to keep a check on the people you cherish a lot. Once any of the doors are opened, you will get notified automatically. You can install an automated lock and call your loved ones to be alert in case of an intruder. This is also invaluable when you're away for a long time. 

Reduced Insurance Premium
There are monthly fees associated with your home's security systems. Investing in a good alarm system will reduce your insurance costs by almost 20% as you can monitor your home on the go. You'll get the best deal with a solid home alarm system. 

It Gives you Peace of Mind 
The greatest advantage of having door alarm systems is peace of mind and security. You are sure to get notified if there is an intruder at your door. Also, you will be at peace knowing your kids and loved ones are safe. It also eliminates the fear and worries that come with not being at home with your kids. 

You Get Notified In Case Of Fire Emergencies
Having your alarm synced to your devices is very helpful as you can select the option that notifies you of fire outbreaks or gas leaks. This can also alert the authorities in emergencies. 

You’re missing a lot for not having an alarm or camera installed at the entrance of your home. Contact Locks Pros to schedule local nearby locksmith to install the alarm as soon as possible.