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June 26 2020

Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems

Technological advancement has made it possible for modern vehicles and buildings to be equipped with keyless entry systems. New features keep evolving to counter the traditional lock systems and without using a key, you can lock and unlock your house, automobile, office space, or business facility.
When you want to upgrade your existing traditional locks to a keyless entry technology, you might be wondering how that move could save you money or make life better. Below we discussed three top ways why switching to a keyless entry system can be a smart decision.

Great Savings

The cost of rekeying mechanical locks after misplacing a key or firing an employee could be huge. This is even true for big-box retailers, grocery stores, and other businesses with high employee turnover. Without having to rekey your locks, keyless systems allow you to revoke entry access of an employee or staff who has left your business.
The cost of replacing worn-out lock mechanisms can also add up over time. With a keyless lock in place, you can forget about the costs of fixing a traditional deadbolt.
When you lose a key, cutting a duplicate can run into hundreds of dollars. When left with no spare, the replacement could cost more than you calculated. With a keyless lock or entry system in place, you forget about damaging or misplacing a key and focus on other important responsibilities.
You might pay more for installing a keyless entry. But the long term reward is great savings. For the right types of keyless entries or locks, contact Lock Pros today for immediate and expert recommendations.


When coming out of a grocery store, the little distance you walk toward your car is not the problem. Opening your car trunk with a traditional key becomes an issue when your hand is full.
Suppose you got that handled, you may still have to fumble or dig around your pocket, purse, or bag for your keys.
Keyless entry eliminates these and other similar problems. All you need to do is press some codes or let your vehicle’s sensor pick up your fob.

Enhanced Security

Hiding an extra key under the mat or somewhere near the front door can expose you and your belonging to theft. Burglars are aware of major spots where homeowners hide extra keys.
Ditch your traditional keys for keyless entry locks. Start locking and unlocking your house with a remote control or personal identification number (PIN).
Most systems also allow you to assign different codes to loved ones. This means you can track your kid's movement or that of a visiting neighbor. Besides, if you have a service professional working in your home, you can revoke their access once the project is done by deleting their entry codes.
If you need help finding and installing the right type of keyless lock system for your home, business, or your automobile, Locks Pros will be glad to send a qualified locksmith in Sandy Springs to your location.

Secure your Investment Today

Protecting your family, home, or business is important. Replacing your traditional locks with a keyless lock or entry system can be one of the smartest choices you make.
For a keyless lock system that suits you and your specific needs, use the service of a trusted locksmith company. Locks Pros will be happy to send a dependable and competent locksmith to your location.