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January 22 2022

Best Sliding Door Locks

Every home designed with sliding doors needs good quality door locks to ensure the safety and security of the entire household. Sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular because of their space-saving features. They don't take up any space when opened and the good news is that you can get manual or automatic sliding door solutions.

However, to prevent intruders from taking advantage of some vulnerabilities of the sliding door, damaging or taking the door off the track, you need a lock that is a tough nut to crack. A lock that is resistant to bolt cutters and hacksaws. Here is the best of our top picks for your sliding doors.

Schlage Maxum Track 2 Lock System

The Schlage Maxum track 2 lock system is our top pick. It is a long-standing product that has proven to be reliable and durable. This lock will fit perfectly into sliding glass doors, cabinets, windows, closets, and much more. It can also fit into the aesthetics of any modern home with its sleek design. The manufacturers are futuristic in their design because it allows users to program up to eight different user codes.

Depending on your budget, you can go for the lock with standard and premium batteries, so you don't have to worry about running low on power when using it. For added security and convenience, you can also download the App on PlayStore. It enables the lock to react to touch.

Prime-Line High-Security Deadbolt Lock

When it comes to durability and reliability, the Prime-Line High-Security Deadbolt Lock has no rival. It is designed to protect your patio or the balcony from forced entry and to secure the movement of toddlers. Usually, thieves see the sliding door as a weak link in a building's security system. However, with the installation of Prime-Line High-Security Deadbolt Lock, you will have the peace of mind that your home security is intact.

The installation of the sliding door lock is not stressful. With minimal tools, you can install it within 15 minutes.

BRINKS Commercial Door Security Bar

This is where innovation meets durability. The superb safety feature of this brand makes it a must-have for every home. It is designed for use in various door configurations. It comes with a heavy-duty steel bar, non-marring top yoke, and a pivoting padded foot. Preferred for its dual function of giving you control of who enters your home, balcony, or patio. It prevents intruders from opening the door from the outside.


Sliding door locks are designed to slide along tracks, allowing them to move from side to side. The problem is that these tracks can get damaged over time. If they become worn out, the lock won't function properly anymore. In addition, the tracks can break off altogether, leaving the lock useless.

Before installing a sliding door lock, you need a locksmith in Grove City who understands the strength and weaknesses of most products in the market. 

Purchasing a door with the help of a professional locksmith from Locks Pros will enable you make the right choice. We offer home and lock replacement and other locksmith services. We will help you install, repair, or replace all types of locks. Give us a call today.