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June 26 2020

Common Door Lock Problems

Your responsibility as a homeowner is to keep your loved ones and valuables safe. If you also manage a business, safeguarding your investments is crucial.
You can’t fully protect your home or business if you pay less attention to your door locks or the locks aren’t in top shape. When maintenance of your locks is placed on the back burner, a possible lockout or lock issues could strike at any time. Such an occurrence could ruin your day or becomes costly to get back under control. 
With years of experience providing professional locksmith in Mesa, all of us at Locks Pros know how frustrating and embarrassing certain lock problems can be.
So, to help you prepare, below are 4 common lock problems and what to do when they arise.

Door Latch Problems

If your door won’t latch, that could probably be so because the latch bolt on the door is not aligned with the strike plate. If the latch does not catch the strike plate, you won’t be able to shut or lock your door properly. To fix this problem, try adjusting the strike plate. If that doesn’t work, you may have to completely reposition the door.
If you don’t have the right tools to adjust the latch or your door needs to be repositioned, give experts at Locks Pros a call. We will send a nearby and qualified locksmith to your location for immediate help.

Broken Key in the Lock

As a professional locksmith company, having a key in the lock is one of the common lock help calls we often get. This situation, sometimes, arises when the internal mechanism stiffens. Try firing a graphite or silicone spray at the sticky lock and key for lubrication.
If that doesn’t work, then there could be more reasons behind the situation. We recommend you contact us and a local locksmith who has the experience to separate the lock and key will be sent to your location. Do not try to turn the key with force as you may end up breaking your key inside the lock or damage the lock entirely. One of Locks Pros professionals servicing your area will be glad to render immediate assistance.

Slow Door Locks

Dirt or grime accumulated in your locks could make your door handle becomes sluggish when pressed. Dirt might even cause your locks to become stiffened.
To clean the dirt, insert a cotton swab into the lock in a controlled way. If this doesn’t work, lubricate the locks using a graphite or silicone spray. But never use oil or grease as they can cause further damage such as clogs. If you don’t have the right tools or handyman skills for this troubleshooting, contact Locks Pros today for help.

Lock Isn’t Working

Mechanical locks can be problematic at times, especially when you’ve been using them for a while. To prevent hardware failures, we recommend you to have a maintenance schedule in place. This can further extend how often lock issues creep up.

If your key issues won’t solve after using all the above tips, chances are your core lock needs fixing or replacement. Instead of trying to dissect the locks and solve the problem yourself, call our customer care representatives. One of our nearby locksmiths who has the capacity and equipped with the right tools will come to your rescue.
And if your entire lock system needs to be changed to make your possessions and investment extra safe, our trusted service professionals will ensure that you get new, suitable locks and make sure you are satisfied.
Struggling with any door lock problems? contact Locks Pros today for an immediate solution.