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December 04 2020

Dealing with Office Lockouts

Regardless of how careful you are, you may be faced with an office lockout situation. It could be as a result of a broken or stuck key in the lock. And at times, life might get in the way, causing you to forget to put the key back into your pocket after using it.

When an office lockout happens, your chances of regaining access depends on how well you manage the situation. This is why the expert commercial locksmiths at Locks Pros want to expose you to a couple of things to do whenever you’re locked out of your workplace.

Relax and Think

After realizing that you’ve been locked out of your office, it’s natural to feel panicky. Especially when the lockout happens at night and you have an important meeting or an appointment the next morning. Instead of letting fear overwhelm you, calm down, take deep breaths, and consider available options. 

Does the security guard, janitor or your colleague have a spare key? Can you remember where you misplace the key? Do you have the contact information of a neighborhood locksmith handy? The questions to ask will depend on your situation and asking the right questions will move you closer to regaining entry into your workspace.

Contact a Nearby Locksmith

If the office key is stuck in the lock, you’ll need the skill and experience of an expert locksmith. But don’t stall before getting in contact with one in your area. When they arrive, a locksmith may just remove the stuck key or deem it necessary to replace the lock in question.

In case you misplace the key to your office in a public place and you don’t have a spare, getting another key cut might suffice. But rekeying your lock might be necessary if the key was stolen. Rekeying renders the old key useless, and it prevents someone from using the stolen key to access your workspace at a later time. If you’re unsure which option is right for you, give us a call at Locks Pros to discuss your concerns. We’re sure to get you the perfect solution.

Prepare for The Future

Is this the first time you’ve had this experience or it’s been a reoccurring incident? Even, if you just got locked out of your workspace, there’s no guarantee that it won’t repeat. Therefore, Locks Pros recommends you to put some measures in place.

Can you duplicate your office key and give a copy to a trusted neighbor or officemate? Can you upgrade your office door lock from a traditional lock to a keyless entry system, so you don’t have to worry about physical keys anymore? Can you train yourself to be good at key organization and handling? Whatever you do now to prevent future occurrence of office lockout worth every bit of the effort.

Take a Bold Step Now!

Though an office lockout may be overwhelming, you don’t have to panic when it happens. Relax and apply the tips we’ve shared above, and we hope you’ll get back into your working space ASAP. Then don’t forget to do all that you can to prevent future lockouts.

If you’re facing an office lockout at the moment, be assured that the expert commercial locksmiths at Locks Pros are available and more than willing to assist you. Contact us now for immediate help.