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August 23 2020

Different Types of Car Keys

Cars play a key role in our lives. They are the most common mode of transportation in the modern world.  Car keys are the ultimate link for access to cars and therefore they should be used appropriately. In case the security system of the vehicle is compromised, they can also be used for theft or break-ins. No doubt, there is need for car owners to know the different types of keys available and how they can be used. 

Here, we have provided information about the different type of keys. However, feel free to contact Locks Pros if you need more clarification about the different types of keys or need a local locksmith. We are also available to repair. Install or upgrade the security system of your car.

Chip Keys (Transponders): 

This type of car key contains within it a microchip built into the plastic casing. It first appeared on the market in 1995 and its use continues to this day. The microchip code is essential for the detection of the key when it is inserted into the ignition.

The code must correspond to the one contained in the car's ignition framework in order to start the engine.

If the microchip or key breaks, it becomes impossible to start the engine. The best way to solve this problem is to reset the immobilizer control codes in order to reprogram a new code.

This new code must then be programmed into the new transponder key.
This process can be expensive depending on the model of the car and other factors such as urgency and location.

Remote Keys: 

Almost all cars on the market today come with a remote control.

Although they are not traditional keys, they share many of these roles such as locking and unlocking doors and suitcases. These types of keys are also designed to activate the alarm systems. Remote controls use radio transmitters or infrared signals to send a coded message to receivers attached to the car.

In rare cases, the radio signals are not transmitted and the car no longer unlocks.
The remote control may be too far from the car.

On the other hand, remote controls stop working when their batteries turn off.
If you lose your remote, you may need to replace it with a receiver that diverts the original signal. 

Smart Key: 

A smart key is a door locking system without the use of a traditional key. This means that vehicle owners with smart keys only need to press the appropriate buttons on their key to activate the locking mechanism or to start their car. The benefit of a smart key system is clear. Vehicles equipped with this system recognize when the Smart Key has been left inside. 

In addition, this technology prevents against accidental locks leaving you stranded outside your vehicle.

Call the Pros if you lose or Damage your Smart Key!

The biggest problem smart key owners face is losing their key. Not all locksmiths are able to provide or program smart keys for all cars. Fortunately, Locks Pros offer these services, saving you the cost of a tow truck. 

When you lose your smart key, don't worry! Contact us at Locks Pros about the make and model of your car. We will be happy to provide and schedule a replacement for you