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December 07 2021

Five Key-Related Car and Home Tips for Better Security

As the number of car theft and burglary grows, the need to be more security conscious and self-aware cannot be over-emphasized. By using high-tech devices, criminals have advanced in their method of operation, even putting the safety of all at risk. For this reason, cars and homeowners should take extra precautions to protect themselves and their properties.

Below are some tips provided by a professional locksmith in Columbus, OH from Locks Pros for avoiding such unforeseeable events.

Always Have Your Key Handy

As simple as this sounds, statistics show criminals use this little time of lapse to attack their victims. Having the specific key handy while parking in a high-crime rate vicinity or a new environment will give criminals little or no sign of vulnerability. The same applies to while entering your house, as criminals attack when they notice any sign of confusion.

Lock Your Door Properly

While exiting a door, either car or house, take precautionary measures by double-checking how properly locked the doors are. Even while indoors, lock the doors when driving in unfamiliar places. Carjackers have often attempted to open a car by assuming that the owner will not lock it while waiting inside. 

Use Modern Technology to Make Your Home and Car More Secure

GPS trackers, anti-theft devices, and home alarm systems all offer better security, and in the event of a theft or burglary attack, the police will have something to work with. These devices also come with real-time cameras and a surveillance system to record audio. Get familiarized with how those devices work and connect them with mobile phones.

Keep Your Keys in a Safe Place

When not in use, storing your keys to access them quickly is important, yet they should be far from prying eyes. When the car is not in use for a while, make sure your keys aren't visible to passersby. Some burglars solely attack homes to steal a homeowner's car key. In this way, they can exploit the homeowner's vulnerability. They take advantage of an unlocked door, a visible key from outside, or a key dropped in places like a dining table to carry out their criminal activity. So, keeping your key away from the prying eyes of outsiders is an important step in home and car security.

Maintain the Batteries of Your Key Regularly

Most modern keys use a fob that needs to be kept updated. As these fobs keep changing, they surely drain the battery's life, so changing them is necessary. The same goes for car remotes and electronic key add-ons like GPS. Keep the specific batteries handy, and try to take care of them. However, you should not try to replace those batteries just when you are about to enter your car or house or while in an unsafe vicinity; doing so might put you in danger.


Personal safety is very important and is a 24/7 job; taking a break is never encouraged. Be self-aware of your environment. For all your lock and key-related issues, contact us at Locks Pros. We are the most reliable locksmith company in Gahanna for your key replacement, installation, rekeying, and lockout services.