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December 28 2021

Home Security Trends in 2022

The positive impact of technological advancement is felt in every sector – from real estate to aviation, manufacturing, health care, security, and more. As a result, physical security stakeholders are emphasizing on technology to resolve the growing concerns in the industry.

Even so, many still wonder where the industry is headed in the coming year. In this article, we provide insight into the physical security trends to watch in 2022.

Increased Occupancy Monitoring and Space Management

We envisage an increase in demand for occupancy monitoring technology to help businesses track the number of people in their buildings. Home and business owners will like to deploy different solutions to accurately manage space density and reduce the spread of any variant of the Covid-19.

Businesses and corporate offices will need proactive systems that will help to enhance security, control social distancing, identify threats and improve user experience. Other professionals will opt for space utilization intelligence to make informed floor plan changes and also ensure the safety of visitors, customers, and employees.

Improved Remote Access Control

In a bid to deter theft, break-ins, and vandalism, we predict an increased focus on remote access control come 2022. Security professionals will recommend electronic access controls to fortify the security systems in both residential and commercial facilities.

They will want a seamless system to regulate who comes and goes from their facility. The deployment will not be complicated because there are smart home security systems that offer such features. Programmers and designers of smart security systems will go a step further to integrate a built-in fault tolerance system to reduce false alarms, provide additional security, manage lights, CCTV cameras, and thermostats from a single interface.

However, only informed businesses and homeowners will all these additional security features. Also, subscribers to our locksmith service newsletter will be the first to know when all these new features come to fulfillment.

Installation of Infrared Cameras

We already know the effectiveness of CCTV on the security infrastructure in both residential and commercial facilities. Going forward, experts envisage enhancement with CCTV cameras. There will be installation or integration of Infrared and thermal camera technology in the cameras. This will enhance the penetrative effects of these cameras for monitoring and investigation purposes.

More Investment in Cyber Security

As more homes and businesses continue to depend on smart security systems, there is a high tendency of increased cyber-attacks in the coming year. Cybercriminals will try hacking smart systems to steal the personal information of users. Therefore, smart home security system companies will have to upgrade their systems to resist the anticipated cyber threats.

They need to be more responsive towards data breaches as well as go the extra mile to secure sensitive information from users and meet customer expectations.

The Simulation of Light for Enhanced Security

In 2022 and the coming years, the light simulation will be used as a deterrent factor to reduce criminal activities in public spaces. The motion sensors will be improved to delineate private and public spaces. To also save on cost and energy usage, businesses will be encouraged to use lights that enhance natural surveillance with good energy efficiency.

Rounding Up

We expect more companies in 2022 and beyond to also focus on Artificial Intelligence and Robotic assistance. However, when it comes to improving the security of residential areas and commercial facilities, locksmiths will be in high demand.

Before ushering in the new year, if you want to upgrade your locks and security system, do not hesitate to call Locks Pros. Our mobile locksmith will be right there to help.