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July 26 2020

How Safe Combination Locks Work?

When it comes to keeping cash and valuables secure in your home or business, the traditional combination lock is still a good option to consider. It is a type of locking device designed not to use keys but can only be opened by a sequence of symbols or numbers.

Though this lock has been used for many purposes, most people wonder how the combination lock works so efficiently without issues. In this article, experts from Locks Pros will educate you on how the combinational lock works, and how you can get a model that will satisfy your need.
However, if you have forgotten the combination and you can’t get access to your home, cupboard, or safe, do not try to open it forcefully, rather call experts from Locks Pros for help.

The Locking Mechanism of a Combinational Lock.

The combinational lock is designed to functions just the same way as a lever mechanism. Internally, it has a combination dial that is attached to a spindle. The tumblers also known as wheels has a slot milled into its edge. The tumblers engage the fence as the proper combination dial is applied and this will make the slot (also known as gate) to be properly aligned. The role of the fence in this process is to retract the bolts. The design is usually based on letters, numbers, or other symbols on the dial.

The difference between the combinational lock and the lever is that the lever mechanism uses a key to align the tumblers, the combination mechanism uses numbers, letters, or other symbols as reference points that enable an operator to align them manually.

How to Choose the Right Safe Combinational Lock

The recent combination locks in the market come with multiple configurations and types that range from inexpensive three-digit luggage locks to high-security safes. But one great advantage of this type of lock is that you will never worry about losing your keys.

Of course, there are advanced types of locks/safes like the electronic keypads and biometric fingerprint readers, but most people still prefer trusty old safe combination locks. 

However, if you're a digital savvy person, you can go for the electronic combination locks. But the downside of the electronic types of combination or dial locks is that you may have to deal with power availability, battery longevity, and other issues.

Portability is the key when you want safe combinational locks for domestic purposes. This will enable you to hide it from the protruding eyes of intruders.
As a businessman, you may have to choose a Very solid construction, surprisingly heavy and sturdy safe combination locks for your cash, important documents, files, and more.

Troubleshooting the Safe Combination Lock

New users may find it difficult to operate the safe combination lock. Most of the issues encountered by these users are:

  •      Forgotten combination, 
  •      The safe refused to open after the combination is entered
  •      Stiffened dial that won’t rotate passed certain numbers etc.

You will need the experience of an expert locksmith to open the safe when you encounter such issues.

Call a Professional to Open a Safe with a Combination Lock

The safe has been designed to resist forceful entry. Therefore, the smartest thing to do when you forget your combination is to call an expert locksmith from Locks Pros. We understand how frustrating it could be to have issues with your safe but having someone fast and trustworthy to open the safe can make the difference between a stressful situation and a seamless one.