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September 15 2020

How to Get Spare Keys for Your Car

Some drivers may never realize how valuable their car keys are until they misplace them or their key become damaged. Let’s face it, you won’t be able to put your car to use if the key stops working or you lose it. This can even become a huge problem when you have an urgent appointment or meeting to attend.

Are you looking for where to get spare keys for your car? Then you’ve found the right resource as this blog provides different ways to get a new car key.

Call a Nearby Locksmith for Help

Using the service of an automotive locksmith is usually the fastest and least expensive way to get a replacement key. Whether for basic metal keys or transponder keys, many locksmiths have the required equipment and tools for key cutting and duplication. They also have specialist key coding equipment to handle remote key programming. 

Also, some automobile locksmith offers mobile locksmith solutions, meaning they can come to your location to get you the needed help on time. When you’re contacting an auto locksmith, however, you may have to provide the make, model, year, VIN, and other information about your vehicle. So make sure to have those in handy. 

Whether you broke your key in the ignition or you’re having issues with your transponder key, an automotive locksmith from Locks Pros can help you. Call us and we’ll be glad to get you a new replacement key.

Visit a Dealership

Some car dealerships may have the key blank to make you a duplicate key, while others might need to place an order for it. If a dealership center doesn’t have the key blank on hand, this could extend the time it takes to get the replacement compared to when you patronize a local locksmith who has the required blank and equipment.

Local Garage

If you’re looking for a key fob replacement and programming, your local garage might help. But you have to call them first to ascertain if they have the means to program the key to your vehicle. And for those of them who have the key coding equipment, their service fee could be too expensive as some of them have to pay for using the equipment.

Buy Fob Keys Online

Online outlets such as Amazon are good places to get discounted replacement key fobs. One best practice when buying a fob key online is to call around to see if there’s anyone who could help you sync the chip in key to your vehicle’s computer system. For programming that requires no special equipment, you can complete the process yourself by following some simple instructions. For those that require a special diagnostic device, involving a service professional is your best bet.

Are you looking for a fob key replacement? Are you in need of a traditional key replacement? The experts at Locks Pros can handle the job. Apart from replacement, cutting, and duplication of car keys, our experts can also repair or replace faulty ignition, replace a dead fob battery, program transponder key, and more. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.