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January 02 2021

How to Protect Your Belongings at The Gym

Have you ever been a victim of gym theft? Or perhaps you’ve heard stories of how some gym members got their belongings taken away while exercising? For the safety of your possessions, here are different ways, discussed by the expert locksmiths at Locks Pros, to protect your stuff while at the gym.

Find a Secure Gym

A gym where the security of user’s belongings is of prime importance to its staff will be more secure than a center with a casual attitude towards the protection of people’s property. Therefore, your goal is to find a gym with proper infrastructure that guarantee the protection of your items and belongings to a greater extent.
Factors that determine whether a gym is secured include restricted access, proper placement of surveillance systems, and improved locking mechanisms.
A gym that lets anyone into its locker room or coatroom, for example, is more likely unsafe. With heavy foot traffic and many people milling around in such spaces, it can be hard to tell who does not belong.
Though CCTV cannot be used to surveil places such as locker rooms where privacy is required, a gym needs to train cameras on entrances and exits, including the car park. To prevent uninvited guests from getting into restricted areas in the first place, a gym should also have a form of barrier to entry, like a swipe card system or code entry.
When it comes to the security of lockers, some gyms now use lockers with one-time access codes. This means each user can set and use different codes.

Know What to Bring with You

Even if a gym is well secured, keeping one’s belongings safe is still the responsibility of every gym member. One way of staying safe is by traveling light, i.e., leaving unnecessary items at home.
Those who exercise after work might have to carry everything they took from office to the gym. If you cannot help but bring some items with you, here are some things you can do to protect your belongings while at the gym.

First, leave expensive items in your car, making sure they are out of sight. You can put them somewhere in the glove box or in the trunk. Don’t keep things on the seat or on the dash where an opportunistic thief can have every reason to break into your car.

Second, you may utilize a money belt to save and secure little but important items such as keys and I.D. Remember that these are things you wouldn’t want someone to steal.
Third, you can make use of gym lockers to secure your items while you work out. As mentioned earlier, some gyms now embrace the use of lockers with keyless entry systems. But what about open lockers that you can pair with your chosen lock? Make sure to only use a highly secured lock with them instead of cheap, unreliable locks. Remember that costs go hand in hand with level of protection when it comes to locks.

It's Never a Bad Time to Be Safe from Locker Room Thieves

If you’ve ever lost an item or a couple of items at the gym, this blog should have helped you discover ways you can prevent such occurrences from happening in the future. You will also find this resource useful if are planning on getting a gym membership and looking for ways to protect your items.
Are you unsure of which lock to use for your locker? Contact us at Locks Pros for professional locksmith recommendations. And don’t forget that we can help with any residential and commercial lock needs as well.