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November 02 2021

How to Reduce the Cost For Key Fob Replacement

Modern cars come with a key fob that allows you to start your car with a push of a button and lock and unlock your car’s doors with ease. A key fob can get lost or stop working due to various reasons. Luckily, you can get a new key fob and get back on the road. However, key fob replacement can be expensive, more so when you decide to work with a car dealership or your vehicle’s manufacturer. It can cost you hundreds of dollars to have your key fob replaced by a car dealership or your vehicle’s manufacturer.

What Is the Average Cost of Key Fob Replacement?

The cost of key fob replacement depends on who you’re working with. An auto locksmith usually charges anywhere between $75 and $160, depending on the type of key fob, the time required to create a new key fob, and the cost of required parts. On the other hand, a car dealership can charge up to $600, depending on the car. Obviously, some key fobs are more expensive than others. For example, replacing key fobs for high-end cars such as Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series, and Bentley can cost upwards of $1000.

So how can you reduce the cost of key fob replacement? At Locks Pros, we’ve put together tips that will help you reduce key fob replacement cost.

  • Work with A Locksmith

The most practical way to save money replacing your key fob is to work with a skilled locksmith. Typically, locksmiths charge lower prices compared to car dealerships. Not long ago, getting a new key fob required a trip to a car dealer or your vehicle’s manufacturer. Today, it’s much easier to get a new key fob without paying high prices at the car dealership. By working with an experienced "auto locksmith near me," you can save time and money and get reliable key fob replacement at the same time.

  • Compare Several Locksmiths

It’s never a good idea to go with the first locksmith you come across if you’re looking to save money on key fob replacement. Each locksmith is more likely to offer different prices for key fob replacement, so it’s advisable to compare the prices of each locksmith before making a decision. However, pricing should not be your only consideration when choosing a locksmith for key fob replacement. Be sure to consider their reliability as well.

  • Buy The Necessary Parts Separately

Another way to reduce the cost for key fob replacement is to buy the required parts separately. When you have the necessary parts, it means you’ll only pay for the labor provided by the locksmith.  

Looking for "Key Fob Replacement Near Me?" Turn to Locks Pros

If your key fob is not working correctly or you have to over-click to unlock doors, that’s a good sign you need to get a new key fob. Whether you have lost your key fob or want to duplicate your key fob, Locks Pros is one phone call away. We offer reliable and efficient key fob replacement for all vehicle types, regardless of make or model.