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September 02 2020

How to Track My Keys

It’s so frustrating finding yourself in front of a locked home or car door, with no idea where to locate the keys. You'd wish to turn back the hands of time, but that’s impossible!
Most of us have had such an experience and to some people, keys are designed to always get lost. No wonder keys and car keys are top in the list when it comes to frequently lost items.
So, how can you always reach into your pocket to get your keys or go straight to find it at its location? Then, read through the article to find tips shared by an expert locksmith from Locks Pro.
In case you can’t find your lost keys after implementing these tips, feel free to give us a call. At Locks Pro, we have expert locksmiths with years of experience opening residential, commercial, and car locks. We will arrive at your location within the shortest time possible to help you get access to your home, office, or car. All you need to do is give us a call.

Keep Calm When You Lost Your Keys.
Restlessness and curiosity are two factors that make finding keys an uphill task. We understand that you may have an appointment or run late for a class. But no matter your reasons, calm down and have a rethink of your previous actions or activities before looking for the keys. Chances are you may remember where you left the key or where possible to go look for it.
It is also advisable to check the place where your keys are supposed to be plus the surrounding areas. Sometimes, you may get lucky but at other times, you need to keep searching. 

Don’t Attempt Damaging the Locks
Most times after a stressful day, our brainpower wouldn’t be enough. This makes the only option that comes to mind when faced with a locked key situation is to damage the lock. This isn’t a good approach because you may spend more money on repairs and lock replacement. It’s recommended you call the services of a professional locksmith when faced with a lost key situation. This option is much cheaper and safer than damaging your locks.
Sometimes our brainpower alone is not enough, especially after a rough day. 

Buy a Key-finder
If keeping track of your keys have become a challenge and you consistently keep misplacing your things, we will suggest you get a key finder. A key finder is relatively the solution to frequent loss of keys. It is designed to be attached to your key and connected to your phone through an app. One good thing about the Key-finder is that you can equally use it to locate your phone.

Get a Spare Key
This is another good option for those who frequently lose their keys. You can easily get a spare key and place it in an accessible location. This will save you the frustration of searching endlessly for the keys.
In case you don’t have a spare and you need key cut services, kindly contact the locksmith professionals at Locks Pro, and you will get another set of keys as fast as possible.
We have shared practical tips on what to do when you lost your keys. However, the best approach is to avoid losing the keys in the first place.

Clear Your Clutter
The resultant effect of having a disorganized room or office is frequent loss of keys, phones, documents, and other valuable. You need to clear your clutter and have a specific place for each item.
If you need further help with your keys or you want to upgrade your security system, do not hesitate to call the experts at Locks Pro.