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August 09 2020

How to Unlock A Safe Without A Key

At times, life gets in the way, making us forget things we care about. Due to a busy schedule or because of too much responsibility to shoulder, it could be so easy to misplace or lose your safe key. And when that happens, questions like how do I unlock a safe sans key comes to mind. Whether you’ve lost your safe’s key or you’re dealing with a broken key, utilizing a few tools can help regain access to the contents of your safe.

The success of the no-key unlocking process, however, will depend on the type of safe you own. Some safes don’t feature a keyed entry but a digital touchpad, combination dial, or biometric function. In case you are dealing with a safe without a keyway, involve the pros for professional assistance. 

If you need a safe unlocked, the experts at Locks Pros have the tools and knowledge required to accomplish the task. Give us a call now to find out how we can help you.
Before seeing how to open a safe without a mechanical key, note that some of the procedures you’re about to learn can cause structural or cosmetic damage to your safe. For the right solution, one of our local safe local locksmiths can offer professional assistance. Now, here are 3 ways to open a safe you’ve lost or broken its key.

Use a Screwdriver

Insert the tip of a flathead screwdriver into the safe’s keyhole. Turn the screwdriver anti-clockwise and see if you can get the safe lock to open. If you’re successful, great. But if this option doesn’t work, try any of the below options.

Use a Paper Clip

Similar to the screwdriver method, but a slightly different option is the use of a paper clip. To execute this, straighten one end of the paper clip and insert the curved end into the lock’s upper part. Making sure the paper clip goes deep into the lock, slowly rotate the clip counterclockwise until the lock opens. 
You can make use of a tweezer to hold the paper clip in place if it is too tiny to handle. Note that there are other tools, including a knife that can be used to pick a safe’s lock.

Drill Through the Safe

This should be the last resort when there is no better option. This technique requires you to drill the lock core itself. But before doing this, contact a safe locksmith who has experience dealing with safe of different types. They may help you out instead of using the drilling method, which could damage the safe or its contents.

Let a Safe Locksmith from Locks Pros help You

Without you having to spend hours trying out different lock picking techniques, simply request a safe locksmith from us at Locks Pros. Our locksmith will examine your safe if it’s possible to craft a new key for it. Our service trained and trusted safe locksmith experts are well versed in different techniques of unlocking a safe without a key too. 
So, be assured your safe will be unlocked before our expert leaves your premises. To find out what we can do for you, contact Locks Pros today.