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January 11 2022

Latest Trends in Locksmith Technology

The evolution in technology has positively impacted every industry and locksmiths are not exempted. The use of modern technology in today’s security system has also helped to improve global security and physical safety. Hence, people who have a robust security system in their homes or offices can go about their daily lives with the assurance that their property and belongings are safe.

Before now, locksmiths concentrated on mechanical locks. However, today, the evolution in technology has made it possible for any locksmith to delve into the advanced aspect of the locksmith trade. So, if technology has a significant part to play in the evolution of the locksmith industry, what are the latest trends in locksmith technology?

Read to learn more about the positive impact of technology in security and the locksmith industry.

Card Access Systems

This type of Access Control System is gaining more ground across every industry around the world. Card access systems are often used in commercial spaces, compounds, and apartment buildings. In most cases, an alarm system is integrated with a card access system to enhance security by alerting concerned agencies of potential threats.

From simple doorbells to complex integrated solutions that grant access through electrically-powered doors, the advanced access control systems have taken security to a whole new level.

However, installing formidable access control systems does not come by easily. You will need a dependable locksmith service provider such as Locks Pros for the following services:

  • Evaluation and the installation of the system
  • Security maintenance
  • Setting and modifying credentials
  • Upgrading and modifying security modules and systems
  • Programming card access and more

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is largely used in the automotive industry. However, a few residential and commercial facilities use this type of access control system on their electronic gates. The term, Keyless Entry is often associated with any access control system that only allows access through the use of remote control. Car owners can use their remote to gain access into their residence or office space without having to come out of their vehicles. Modern vehicles are often designed to have this feature.

Commercially, the keyless entry systems provide optimum convenience and security. It improves the access management workflow of both large and small businesses while helping them to improve efficiency.

Contact us at Locks Pros if you need to fix your remote, replace your key fob, upgrade or install a keyless entry system.

Smart Locks

Unlike keyless entry that depends on the remote control for access, smart locks often require a smart device like a smartphone for access into vehicles, residential and commercial spaces. You can install a smart lock device on your safe to enhance the security of your valuables. Smart locks often depend on unique apps powered by WiFi or Bluetooth. However, anyone with access to your phone and app password can unlock your smart lock and gain access to your property or safe.


The challenge with technology evolution is its lack of consistency and the tendency to be manipulated by the men of the ‘underworld’. Every access control system comes with its unique technology, hence, the reason you need a locksmith service providers that understand how to curb the inefficiencies while fortifying your security.

At Locks Pros, we have advanced tools and trained hands to install a high-security system in your residential and commercial facility. Call us to help you minimize unauthorized access to your home and business.