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October 13 2021

Popular Home Technology and Security Trends

Technology advancements have enabled most household gadgets to be connected to the internet and one another for enhanced safety and comfort. This integrated framework has resulted in home and security tech trends, with intelligent locks becoming one of the most sought-after innovative home options. Whether you want to change your old deadbolt or integrate your entire home with innovative technology, Locks Pros offers professional locksmith services guaranteeing successful integration for enhanced security. Over the past decade, the smart home industry has seen the following developments:

Voice Control Technology

 Home technology helps you relax and ease your mind and provides exciting ways to be informed and amused. Most homeowners choose to have intelligent speakers installed since security device manufacturers have integrated their products with these devices enabling them to be voice-controlled. Although there are several manufacturers of smart locks, our team is well informed to ensure successful integration. In addition, most people opt for voice-controlled devices for better security and other voice assistant features that the ordinary speaker lacks.

Keyless Technology

If you regularly forget your keys, then installing keyless door locks is something you should consider. Aside from relieving the stress of forgetting your keys, keyless door locks make your home safer than traditional locks. Most homeowners raise concerns over the safety and security of their lives and property. This technology reduces the frequency of unwanted robbery and break-ins by keeping track of who accesses the property. You can also use your smart devices to restrict entry, allowing only the people you want.


Having a smart lock installed does not necessarily mean you have to get rid of your old keys. While most intelligent locks replace the entire mechanism of your door lock, including the deadbolt, several smart lock options let you keep your keys as you enjoy the benefits of modern technology. We help you pick out the most suitable retrofits in the market, giving you the benefits of modern technology and the convenience of having backup keys.

App Integration

Traditional smart home devices usually come with several applications, making it difficult for homeowners to use separate apps for each device. However, modern technology has significantly reduced this burden by allowing homeowners to use a single application to control multiple devices, including smart locks. This is an excellent solution to preventing lock-out inconveniences without compromising security.


Geofencing was initially used with intelligent thermostats, which could be turned up or down when a person has a certain perimeter programmed in the house. As technology advances, this capability has been combined with smart locks to ease entry and exit into the property. Geofencing smart lock can detect your proximity through virtual boundaries before opening or locking your front door. This is an excellent solution for people who usually walk out or drive off without locking their doors and gates.

At Locks Pros, we aim to provide all our clients with high-quality locksmith services. Our qualified locksmiths offers homeowners the latest technology guaranteed to meet all their safety and security needs. Contact us today and learn how we can help you revamp your home’s security.