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November 08 2021

Reasons to Switch to a Keypad Lock

Safety is usually a key concern for any property owner, whether it’s your home or business. Knowing that you and your loved ones are safe and secure gives you peace of mind, and that’s why Locks Pros offers a variety of services and products to help you do exactly that. Among the various high-quality products they offer is the keypad locks which has numerous benefits compared to other locks. If you consider changing your locks or simply upgrading them, then our team of qualified locksmiths can help you switch to keypad locks. Below are some of the benefits you get by switching to keypad locks.

No Need for a Key

As the name suggests, the keypad has no use for a key which make it more efficient. Most people have misplaced or lost their keys, which can be frustrating, especially after a long day. You will need to find a trusted locksmith to replace the locks, which is time-consuming and costly. However, with keypad locks, one thing is sure, you don’t need to carry keys around or find a hiding spot. Keypad locks are usually recommended for commercial buildings or large households, where everyone has access to the building without the constant worry of losing a key.

Digital Locks Are Durable

Keypad locks are more durable when compared to traditional locks since, over time, keyed locks tend to wear down due to heavy use or friction. This results in difficulty opening the coil, as it requires jiggling the key a bit before it opens. You don’t have to worry about these issues with a keypad lock, and you are guaranteed long-term service. Our experts can help you ensure that your keypad lock functions at its optimum by carrying out regular maintenance checks.

Enhanced Security

A significant disadvantage of traditional locks is that they have a high-security risk since keys can fall into the wrong hands or duplicate without your knowledge. Since keypad locks do not require a key, you are confident that unauthorized access is mitigated. Another benefit of having a keypad lock is that it is immune to any lock picking or lock bumping attempts, making them practical and more secure than traditional locks.

Easy Installation

A common misconception about keypad locks is that it requires making significant changes to frames and doors. This cannot be further from the truth, and the reality is that keypad locks are installed on any door just like any standard lock. Although some keypad locks require a power connection, others are battery-powered and still provide the same level of efficiency and high-level security. Our professional locksmiths can help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing between a battery-powered or power-connected keypad lock, based on your preference.

At Locks Pros, we have experience servicing and installing all kinds of locks, including keypad locks, at an affordable price. Contact us today for more information on keypad locks, and learn how your home or office can benefit from installing this type of lock.