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October 09 2021

Safes vs. Lockboxes

Are you looking to secure your cash, documents, and other irreplaceable valuables? There are options available but it is critical to make an informed decision about the safety of your valuables. Among all options to store your belongings, lockboxes and safes offer similar protection.
And that is where most people get confused. At this point, you want to understand how they fall on the spectrum of security. The core difference between them and the type of items you can store!
The experts from Locks Pros resolved those penitent questions in this article. We will explain their characteristics as well as the difference between them. Read on to learn more!


Typically, lockboxes are compact, portable, and easy to use. You can use them for easy storage on a shelf or as cash till in small shops. Most people buy them to protect personal items for easy accessibility.
Lockboxes are lower than safes in the spectrum of security as they are designed to open by simple keys or electronic keys with resettable combinations. One factor that differentiates lockboxes from safes is the low gauge metal thickness.
There are specific types of lockboxes such as the key safes that are designed to only hold keys. You can find such lockboxes in commercial facilities like malls, hotels, and health centers. When compared to safes, lockboxes are a lot cheaper. Usually, it is good to keep lockboxes on top of the table or screwed to the wall where only authorized persons can have access.


Can be described as a superior colleague to lockboxes! They are designed for the protection of pricey valuables against theft, fire, and other natural disasters. You can store valuables like jewelry, sensitive documents, cash, and other irreplaceable items. Depending on your preference and the value of what you want to store, you can get safes with combinational dial or electronic locks.
Safes are generally more expensive than lockboxes because they are designed with thicker walls, doors, and complex locks. Also, safes are manufactured with heavy-duty materials to increase their levels of fire resistance.
Since the design of safes is to store sensitive items, home and business owners can use a locksmith in Columbus OH for the installation. The safe can be anchored by an expert or installed at the corner where two outside walls meet.

However, the factors that determine the right safe for any individual or business are the level of security, size of the item, and budget.
You can get top-quality safes for residential and commercial purposes such as floor safes, wall safes, standalone safes, guns, and fire-resistant safes. Feel free to use them for storing high-value items like jewelry, large sums of cash, sensitive documents/information, and much more.


If you still need help choosing the right safe or lockboxes to fit your need, our knowledgeable staff are ready to answer any questions you might have. Call trusted locksmiths in Dublin OH at Locks Pros today. We will evaluate your specific requirements and walk you through the different features of what makes each (lockboxes and safes) unique and recommend the product that will safeguard your valuables.