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September 19 2020

Security Measures to Prevent Lock Bumping 

Lock bumping has been a popular tactics within the criminal community. It’s one of the old tactics thieves use to break into residential properties and offices. 
Therefore, any homeowner using old style cylinder locks is vulnerable to ‘lock bumping’. 

If you’ve not heard of this term before, ‘lock bumping’ is a lock-picking technique for opening pin tumbler locks. This procedure is done by altering a key to gain access to locks of the same type. 

Apart from the old method of ‘lock bumping’ criminals can buy bump keys online which can easily open the old-fashioned locks. 

In case the locks in your house are old fashioned and you’d want the security system of your property upgraded. Then call the expert locksmith from Locks Pro 
However, here are some of the security measures you can take to prevent lock bumping. 

Install Chain Latches to your Exterior Doors 
This is a simple way of increasing the security of your home. Although this technique may not in any way affect your locks' vulnerability to bumping, they at least make it a little bit tough for criminals to gain entry to your property by providing an additional layer for a criminal to scale through. 

Install New High-security Locks 
Unfortunately, basic lock and key replacement won't do much in the way of preventing lock bumping. You will need a professional locksmith to put at all your main entry points, high-security locks that are specially designed with extra locking features within the cylinder to prevent the lock from being opened without the precise key. Some locksmiths who have specialized experience with lock bumping may also recommend additional restrictions on keys (such as "do not duplicate" keys) so that no duplicate key can be cut without explicit authorization from the company that made it originally. 

Modify the Existing Locks 
If you prefer not to get new locks, request that an expert locksmith help you in adjusting the current locks. Here you have to introduce exceptional pins to make your locks harder to bump. These security pins are intended to tie before they arrive at the lock's sheer line. 

Consider Keyless Deadbolt Locks 
keyless locks gained its popularity a while ago when lock bumping cases became rampant. The more seasoned locks include key chambers that can be lock bumped. As a safety effort, you have to introduce bumpless locks. The most ideal choice would encompass keyless lock with biometric innovation. In spite of the fact that it is costlier than different alternatives, it is justified, as being the safest. 

Install a Home Security System 
These are installed systems that identify when the door is opened and set off its alert system. Given that lock bumping leaves no recognizable proof, you can't present a lock bump case to your insurance company without employing an expert legal locksmith. Consequently, as an additional safety effort, introduce cameras by your doors 

Install Anti-lock Bumping devices 
Those on a scheduled spending plan don't need to stress themselves as there are instruments that can assist you with securing your property. You can buy a few reasonable antilock gadgets intended to stop the thumb part of a deadbolt from turning. At the point when it can't turn, it implies the deadbolt can't withdraw into the lock. 

Clear Visibility 
Normally, thieves check where they want to execute their plans. So, it is advisable to guarantee your home has fully open spaces and great lighting so it can hinder the intruders. Additionally, consider including safety efforts, for example, movement sensors. 
Whatever decision you’ve made about the security of your home or office, the experts at Locks Pros will help make it a reality.