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October 01 2021

Should I Get Push Button or Cypher Lock?

Both the cypher lock and push button lock are designed to control access to a secured property. These locks work in different ways and each one of them has its own advantages. If it's your first time installing a cypher lock or push button lock in your home or business, choosing between the two locks can be overwhelming.

Let’s look at the features of each type of lock and how they work to help you make an informed decision.

What Is a Push Button Lock and How Does It Work?

A push button lock features a keypad and operates with a combination that is set when the lock is installed. A user must enter the right combination for the lock to open. Push button locks do not have any wiring, and they use long-lasting batteries.

Push button locks offer the convenience of keyless access control systems and advanced security. It's nearly impossible to compromise push button locks unless someone has the lock combination.   

What Is a Cypher Lock and How Does It Work?

A cypher lock comprises of a programmable keypad connected to a controller. The keypad has a number of pushbuttons which a user presses in a particular sequence to open the lock. A user must enter the code in the right sequence for the door to open. That means the door won't open if you enter the wrong code.

A cypher lock is usually installed in homes, businesses, government offices, warehouses, server rooms, and other access-controlled properties. This device is nearly impossible to hack into because the controller is not connected to a computer program or network. This makes it one of the most effective locks you can use to secure your home or office.

A cypher lock eliminates the hassles associated with carrying a bunch of keys, keeping track of copies, or changing locks when you lose your keys. Besides, they provide advanced security that you won't get with regular locks. If it's time to install cypher locks in your property, get in touch with Locks Pros. We not only carry cypher locks from reliable brands but also have the experience and tools to install different types of locks.

The Cypher Lock Vs The Push Button Lock: Which One’s Right For Your Doors?

Both locks come with their own strengths, so your choice will depend on your security needs, budget, amount of traffic, user-friendliness, and how large your property is. If you’re unable to decide, contact a dependable locksmith for advice.

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