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August 19 2021

Solutions to Fix for A Broken Car Key Fob

With no doubt, car key remote fobs are nice little additions to modern cars. They however can get lost, act up, stop working, or become broken. If you’ve got a defective or dead fob key, you might start to think about the DIY procedure instead of hiring a professional locksmith in Dublin OH to fix a broken car key fob.

It could be that the fob battery is dead or the keyring loop is broken. Knowing what’s broken helps you get the help you need. Even when you’re not sure of the nature of your fob key problem, a fob specialist can help you make a diagnosis and resolve the problem. To have an expert look into your fob key issue, contact us at Locks Pros and make a service request.

But before you contact us for a broken fob key repair (if you’re not in a hurry), here is what it means for a key fob to be broken and how to make some fixes yourself.

Is My Fob Key Broken?

Your car key fob is broken if:

  • A component on the green electronic circuit board on the inside is damaged.
  • If the remote battery is dead.
  • There is a crack in the shell/housing.
  • One or more of the rubber pad buttons has been ripped off.
  • The keyring loop is broken.

You have a broken remote if any of its components is missing or not working as required. For the sake of safety, this resource will cater to fixing broken fob keys in terms of a ripped button, cracked case, or damaged keyring.

How to Fix a Broken Car Key Fob Ring

Go to and search for key fob case shell. Filter down the search result to include only your car year, make, and model. Go through the remaining options and place your order for the right product. The majority of these products sell for under $10, so they are super affordable compared to getting a replacement fob key.
Also, most of these cases do not come with installation guides, but they are easy to install. All that is required is to:

  • Get a flathead screwdriver and use it to pry open the seam at the edge of the case.
  • Use your thumb to take apart the shell.
  • Swap out the green electronic board, battery, and buttons of the old fob remote and place them in the new casing.

As you can see, this simple DIY procedure gives you a fine, “new” fob that is free of dents, broken or ripped parts, or cracks. If you don’t feel comfortable handling the replacement, contact your local Locks Pros for a service request.

Final Words

For sure, this post has shown you what it means for a car key fob to be broken and how to fix it. Consult your local car locksmith for professional assessment and solution if it a complex situation. An automotive locksmith will help you ascertain whether the problem is from the battery or other components of the fob.
If you need professional fob key service, contact us at Locks Pros to see how we can help you.