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November 11 2021

The Pros and Cons of Keyed Alike Padlocks

As the name implies, keyed alike padlocks allow an authorized user to open a number of padlocks with one key. In other words, keyed alike padlocks have the same cut, meaning all the padlocks will work with the same key. These padlocks come with a range of benefits, including having only one key and not having to carry around a set of bulky keys. However, there are some downsides to having locks keyed alike.

At Locks Pros, we’ve compiled the pros and cons of keyed alike padlocks to help you make an informed decision when choosing padlocks.

Pros of Keyed Alike Padlocks

  • Convenience

With keyed alike padlocks, you’re getting the convenience of using one key to unlock a number of locks. Having to carry a set of bulky keys for different locks can be inconvenient. You’ll need to label each key on your keychain to be able to find the right key for the right lock. If your locks are keyed alike, there’s no more carrying a lot of keys around and fiddling with bulky key rings. Instead, you’ll simply use one key and eliminate all the hassles that come with using multiple keys.

This convenience makes keyed alike padlocks useful in both residential and commercial environments.

  • Save Money in Case You Lose Your Keys

With keyed alike padlocks, you’ll only need to get one replacement key if you lose your keys. On the other hand, someone who uses locks that are keyed differently will spend more money on key replacement if they lose their set of keys.

  • Keyed Alike Padlocks Offer Simplicity

Since you don’t have to deal with several keys, keyed alike padlocks eliminate complex key control and give you full access, provided you have the one key that operates all the locks. Besides, it’s simple to diagnose problems with keyed alike padlocks.

  • Save Time

Managing a bulky set of keys is time-consuming. Having to fumble around with all the keys on your keychain to find a key for each lock can waste your time. Therefore, keyed alike padlocks are a great option for time-saving.

Cons of Keyed Alike Padlocks

  • Keyed Alike Padlocks Diminish Access Control

Access control allows you to regulate access to specific areas. Keyed alike padlocks make it impossible to control access to specific areas within a facility.

  • Expensive When It Comes to Padlock Replacement

If you want to replace or upgrade keyed alike padlocks, you’ll have to replace many locks at once. This can prove to be expensive, especially when you have to purchase keyed alike padlocks in bulk.

If you lose your keys and suspect that they might have fallen in the wrong hands, you’ll have to rekey multiple locks at once.

Call Locks Pros to Discuss Your Options

If you’re considering installing keyed alike padlocks in your home or commercial facility, call Locks Pros to help you. Our locksmiths in Reynoldsburg will walk you through the pros and cons of keyed alike padlocks to help you make an informed decision.

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