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January 31 2021

Tips to Keep your Motorcycle Safe

Keeping your two-wheel investment safe should be your priority as a motorcycle owner. At Locks Pros, we are committed to helping riders protect their bikes from thieves. 
Therefore, we developed this timely article, which considers four practical bike theft prevention tips. However, don’t forget that we have qualified and experienced locksmith experts that can help you with any bike lock device and security request. 
Find out what we can do for you by contacting us today. Now, here are the ways to protect your bike.

Keep Your Bike in an Indoor Location

Store your bike in a place out of reach of thieves. Parking in a garage is not enough. Making sure the garage is locked with a high security lock is crucial. If you don’t have an indoor parking space, conceal your bike with an unbranded motorcycle cover to make it less attractive to criminals. 

Outdoor Parking

If you need to grab some items at a grocery store, for example, park your bike where other riders parked theirs. You should also consider a location with heavy foot traffic. With your motorcycle being among other bikes, it becomes less of a target. 
Alternatively, you can find a spot that is well lit or has an overhead CCTV camera. Criminals abhor visibility and security cameras. A criminal will more likely find another victims when faced with these security deterrents.

Use Multiple Good Locks

In addition to your motorcycle’s built-in lock, add a steering lock and disk lock to the locking arrangement. A steering lock used on a bike’s handlebars, though can be defeated, makes a bike mostly non-maneuverable. Get one if you don’t already have it. Trying to bypass this security feature will slow down an experienced thief and discourage a beginner thief.
As for a motorcycle disc lock, it’s attached to a bike’s disc brakes rotor to prevent the wheel from turning. Having this lock on your parked bike will send away a joy rider away from messing with your investment.

Ground Your Bike to a Fixed Structure

Even when multiple and strong locks are used to secure your parked bike, two or more thieves working as a team can hoist your bike into the back of a van or truck. For this reason, an additional layer of protection might be required. 
You can use a strong chain and lock to secure your bike to a ground anchor that is fixed to the wall or floor. But avoid locking your bike to structures, such as a chain link fence or wooden post, that can be easily cut.

Now is the Time to Take Action

Whether you’re home or away from your residence, always ensure to park your two-wheel investment in a safe, secure spot and don’t forget to lock it with top quality locks.
Are you having issues with your motorcycle’s built-in lock? Do you want to get a strong security bike chain lock? Do you wish to add a particular security feature to your motorcycle? Regardless of the need, contact us at Locks Pros for expert recommendations and assistance. Our certified and licensed locksmiths will get you any help you need.