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November 17 2021

Tips to Prevent Package Theft

There are several ways you can prevent package theft, but every solution has its advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to packaging theft prevention, it is not a one size fits all kind of situation, and that's why various methods work for different people. However, suppose you want to stop package theft. In that case, it is advisable to talk to the experts at Locks Pros and get advice on the various package protection solutions from a professional and experienced locksmith. Here are some of the things you need to know about theft protection.

How Common is Package Theft?

Packages rarely get stolen in transit, and most of the time, they are delivered successfully. According to recent statistics, at least 36% of Americans are victims of package theft, and once they have been targeted, the frequency is likely to go up. This means that if your packages have been stolen, you are likely to lose even more in the future.

Why Do Package Thieves Target Certain Victims?

It is almost impossible for a package thief to have prior information about the package. This makes package theft more of a crime of convenience, whereby criminals target victims who delay picking their package, giving the thief a window to grab it. Any package left out for a considerable amount of time is likely to be targeted by neighborhood criminals, who are constantly roving around.

Can You Request for the Delivery Person to Conceal Your Package?

Most package delivery companies instruct their workers to ensure that the packages are placed in a safer and more discrete location to mitigate theft risks. However, there's little you can do to ensure that these steps are taken. That's why most companies have adopted the signage method, and the delivery team is given specific instructions to increase the safety of the package.

How Can You Tell That Your Package Was Stolen?

Technology has made it easier for people to check the status of their package in real-time before assuming that the package has been stolen. You can log in to the relevant online portal and track the package's whereabouts to determine whether it was brought inside or hidden without your knowledge. If both the delivery company and yourself have lost track of the package, you can assume the worst.

What Do You Do After a Package is Stolen?

After concluding that the package is indeed lost, it is advisable to contact the delivery company and inform them that the package was not received. Next, contact law enforcement through their non-emergency line to report a crime. Once you have taken all the necessary steps, it is important to look into how such incidences can be prevented in the future.

There are many ways you can enhance the security within your premises to prevent your packages from getting stolen. Some of the solutions recommended by our expert locksmith include lockboxes, gates, trusted access, installing cameras, and alternate locations. For more information on preventing package theft, contact the professional team at Locks Pros, and get pertinent information from a professional locksmith in Westerville.