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October 19 2021

Ways a Locksmith Can Help in Columbus, OH

Getting locked out of your home, business, and the car is a common occurrence for most of us. Once this happens to you, the first thing that comes to mind is: Where do I get a trusted locksmith? Locksmith services come in handy when dealing with a lock and fundamental problem and cannot gain access. Aside from helping you when you have lost your keys or any other access-related problem, locksmith services go beyond lock and key issues. Locks Pros offers a range of professional services that are of more excellent help to you. Some of these services include:

Enhancing the Safety of Locks

Safety is a key concern for all, especially when you have just moved into a new neighborhood. Regardless of the reason, we can agree that safety gives us peace of mind allowing us to relax and unwind in the comfort of our homes. Most people are not aware that a locksmith can make your home safer from unauthorized access such as burglary. When our professional team gets to your property, they will assess your windows and doors to determine how secure you are.

Did you know that having a lock that functions doesn’t necessarily guarantee your safety? We can conduct a comprehensive assessment of your door and window locks and issue a report on their safety. If your locks need to be upgraded, we recommend safer measures such as adding a deadbolt lock.

Activating the Security System

Depending on the safety concerns, adding a deadbolt lock may not give you the satisfaction you want. Our locksmith services go beyond window and door lock upgrades to the installation of a security system. This involves all the add-ons that come with it, such as placing security cameras inside and outside your property. We ensure that everything is set to your standards and that you feel safer in your own home.

Opening Safes

A safe is usually a vital item to have, especially if you intend to secure money and other valuable possessions. However, like any other door, it is easy to forget the combination. This is equivalent to losing your door keys. Even though you can have it written down, safes are also prone to malfunctions. We have experienced locksmiths who specialize in safes and can help you access your safe upon verification. In addition, if your security combination has been compromised, we can help you avoid buying a new safe by resetting the combination.

Fixing Broken Keys

Breaking a key as you try to get in your residential or commercial building is a common experience for most. This usually happens when we are eager or in a rush to put our key into the lock, forcing it to break in half. A locksmith in Upper Arlington, OH helps you extract the broken piece inside the lock without damaging the lock and fixes the broken. Then, after aligning the broken pieces, we can make a replica without compromising quality.

Locks Pros has an expert team of locksmiths ready to make your businesses and homes more secure. Contact us for quality locksmith services or any inquiry about the security of your windows and doors.