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October 25 2021

Ways To Remove An Ignition Cylinder Without A Key

Have you ever tried to start your car without any success despite everything being in tiptop shape? Well, how many times have you ever considered having your ignition lock cylinder checked out? Unfortunately, most drivers usually ignore having their ignition cylinder until it develops a malfunction after years of service. Once you experience an issue with the ignition cylinder, it is relatively easy removing it for replacement using your car keys. But, what happens when you don’t have the keys to your car? Locks Pros provides you with expert locksmith services to help you change your ignition cylinder. Our equipped locksmiths in Dawsonville are experienced to have the job done quickly. When changing an ignition key lock without a key involves the following steps:

Disconnecting the Battery

The car battery is usually the first to be disconnected when replacing the ignition cylinder. This is more of a precautionary measure, which protects you from getting electrocuted or shorting anything in your vehicle. Disconnecting your car battery is relatively easy, as it only requires you to remove the negative cable terminal. Once this is done, your safety is guaranteed, and you can proceed to the next step.

Steering Wheel, Indicator, and Wiper Removal

The steering wheel usually gets in the way and limits access to the ignition cylinder for easy removal. For better access, our experts can safely remove your steering wheel without damaging other components in the process. This is very important, as it ensures that everything can be put back together without extra replacement costs. Steering wheel removal starts by removing all the screws from the bottom and the upper cover. Once this is done, the steering wheel is gently pulled, exposing all the wiring beneath the central exterior for safe disconnection. The wiper and indicator switches are easy to identify, so you can safely remove them from their place.

Disconnecting Electrics to Ignition Switch

The next step involves unscrewing the mounting screws for the ignition switch, allowing easy removal. It is essential to have an expert disconnect all the wires from the relevant connector at the bottom of the ignition switch to prevent causing further damage. This makes it easy to loosen off the tabs for easy removal of the ignition switch. A socket wrench or a screwdriver are practical tools for removing the mounting screws or bolts from the ignition switch. Modern vehicles have interchangeable, universal lock cylinders, which can easily be removed using a pin in the whole to operate the release mechanism.

Replacing the Ignition Lock Cylinder

Depending on the condition of the ignition lock cylinder, our expert locksmith can determine whether cleaning or replacing the ignition key cylinder is the most effective solution. Of course, after a good cleaning and oiling, you can still use your old key. However, we can help you ensure that the generic ignition switch lock cylinder or individual components can work in your car if it requires replacement.

The next time you experience a problem with your ignition cylinder, don’t hesitate to contact the expert team at Locks Pros. We provide top-notch locksmith services when you need them the most.