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May 08 2021

What Makes Commercial Door Hardware Different

Commercial doors are suitable for businesses due to their capacity to serve large users and endure greater stress. While residential doors are ideal for homes based on their simplicity and ease of use. 
So, what makes commercial door hardware different? That is what we at Locks Pros seek to clarify.
In this article, we will look at the common features that set commercial door hardware apart and we will show you why these differences matter for your business. 


An obvious difference between the hardware of residential and commercial doors is the size. Whereas most residential doors range from 1” to 2” in thickness, commercial doors range from 1” to 3”. They are also insulated with polystyrene films to make them appear bigger, stronger, and heavier than residential doors. The bigger size of commercial doors thus gives them an even thicker feel and better appeal for security use. Contact us to get recommendations on the perfect door size for your business.


It is a fact that commercial doors get more foot traffic. Unlike the residential doors in homes and private garages where you are likely to have few people visiting per week; a hospital, school, or grocery store using commercial doors have visitors ranging from many hundreds to thousands in that same period. 
The heavy use of commercial doors makes them vulnerable to wear and tear, and when damaged, they can result in costly downtime. For them to be efficient under this circumstance, commercial doors are designed to be durable.
Whether glass, steel, wood or aluminum, commercial doors are strong and fitted with tamper-proof features to deter intruders. They are heat and water-resistant, resilient, and can operate effectively under all weather conditions. Call us today if you’re looking to install premium quality commercial doors for your business.


The high foot traffic through the commercial doors demands that the doors run smoothly at all time. It is vital that they open and close quickly and easily during operational hours, and shut firmly when not in use. Therefore, commercial doors are fitted with versatile hardware that is suitable for heavy usage and reliable for better security.

Regulatory Requirements

Commercial doors are subject to more stringent regulatory requirements than residential doors. Since they are meant for use by a large number of people, commercial doors are designed to meet established codes for height, fire and safety, as well as a regulatory requirement for accessibility. 

Security Features

The security system in commercial doors is usually optimized with hardware that differs from other doors. Rather than rely on padlocks and mechanical keys, commercial doors use automated locks, keyless entry and other advanced security systems that are often not available on their residential counterparts. These security features are designed to suit the complexity of the business settings, and therefore require a higher level of security hardware.
Regardless of the size of your business, installing commercial doors is a convenient way to secure your premises. At Locks Pros, our professional locksmith technicians can help you with any type of commercial lock installations with the ideal hardware to meet your security needs. Call us now and we will install all door types to your satisfaction.